About the Gnu Reviewer:      


Hello and welcome to my website! My name is LouAnn and I am a mother of three. I have always been an avid reader and I wanted a way to pair my passion for books with helping children find books that are right for them. My husband and I have created this website to be a help to the parents, teachers and children of our local school community. I wanted to provide a way for parents and young readers to find books to read not only by providing a description of the book, but also a parental view on the book as far as content and maturity level were concerned. I did this because I have found that there are so many books aimed at our young readers that might not really be appropriate for them. My goal here is not to censor any books for young readers, but to provide parents and teachers with an insight as to what book is appropriate for what age group. My hope is that people not just within my local community will find this website useful, but eventually people in other areas as well.
You will notice that many of the books I review have been published by Scholastic Inc. or Scholastic Press. This is no accident as I currently run the Scholastic Book Fairs held at our elementary school. I purchase many of the books I review from these book fairs. You will also notice that many of the books reviewed are not books that are on the best seller list. I choose not to review those books because the main stream media does a fine job of reviewing them for readers. However, if anyone requests that I read a particular book from the best seller list to get my take on it, I would be more than happy to oblige. To contact me, please send an email to gnureviewer@gmail.com.
You can enjoy all the books I’ve reviewed by looking for them at your local library. You can also find them at popular book sellers, Scholastic.com, and Amazon.com.
One final note: I will not be reviewing any new books at an author’s request at this time. I feel that reviewing books simply by my own choice or at the request of a parent or teacher allows me more freedom in my review process.


Happy Reading!